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SPECIALIZED PROGRAMS (Enhanced coverage of certain subjects that focus on competencies and skills of students under the programs)

  • Technology Livelihood Education (TLE) Subjects – Grades 9 – 12

In the following tracks:

    • Food and Beverage (Commercial Cooking, Bartending)
    • Basic Accounting (Bookkeeping)
    • AutoCad
    • Caregiving
    • Computer Programming
    • Photo-Journalism
    • Robotics Program (Grades 4 – 12) – Navigating pathway to robotics competency
  • Distinguished Science Curriculum (Advanced Science Curriculum in Science, Math and Research)


  • Scholastic Assessment and Enrichment Program – "Love to Read" Campaign
  • The Leader in Me Program (TLIM), a Guidance Homeroom-Program–"Developing a Leader Once Child at a Time"
  • Genyo, E-Learning and Management System – Taking the Lead in E-Learning Systems


  • Academics (Advanced Robotics, Reading Accross Disciplines, Debate, Foreign Languanges)
  • Sports Clinic (Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Taekwondo)
  • Music and Arts (Piano, Violin, Guitar, Painting, Ballet)
  • Cooking and Baking