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“Revitalizing Innovative Research in SPCM:
A Tool for Sustaining a Climate of Excellence”
Framework Formulation and Methodology Articulation

The conference began with Dr. Dimaano’s run through of the participants’ schema of research to set a direction to this day’s activity. Dr. Dimaano explained that once the researcher gathered the relevant literature, he/she formulates the theoretical/conceptual framework of the study. This serves as the skeleton/backbone of the research in which the researcher situates the research problem. A framework can either be conceptual or theoretical. A framework is considered theoretical if the researcher wants to test a particular theory (theory-based) while a conceptual framework is anchored on a particular concept or the researcher formulates his/her own concept. Dr. Dimaano cited that both frameworks can be combined in such a way that the research is based on a theory but the researcher modifies the idea to create a new concept.

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“Revitalizing Innovative Research in SPCM:
A Tool for Sustaining a Climate of Excellence”

Cognizant of the mandate of the law on quality education which asserts that “xxx…education should advance the frontiers of knowledge through research work, and apply technology gained for improving the quality of human life and responding effectively to changing societal needs and conditions.” (Sarmiento, 2009, Education Law Art.1 Sec. 10. d). St. Paul College of Makati (SPCM) tries its best to actively respond to this national challenge. Education Law also provides through its creation of article for Accreditation the minimum standard for education institutions for maintaining its level excellence stressed in the highly developed Academic, Research, and Community Service programs.

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