Mission Statement

St. Paul College of Makati Alumni Association, Inc. is an active and responsive organization committed to carrying out the Vision-Mission of our alma mater through:

1. Promoting strong ties and harmonious relationship among the members of the association.

2. Establishing networks and linkages to promote the image of the school through the use of information technology;


3. Providing civic, socio-cultural, spiritual and professional opportunities for growth and development to the alumni and community-at-large;




Please be advised that there would be shortened periods on 29 - 30 March 2017 for the Faculty Development Program.

Schedule of Classes:
Grades 1-3         7:00 - 12:00 NN
Grades 4-6         7:00 - 12:30 PM
Grades 7-11       7:00 - 01:00 PM